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e-Bikes – What’s the controversy?

If you’ve paid at least some attention to the news in the world of bikes, you’ve probably heard about e-bikes.  What started out primarily as a technology only found in commuter or urban bikes, has spread to just about every category, including mountain bikes. For this post, we’ll stick to the latter, as it’s garnered the most controversy… Continue reading e-Bikes – What’s the controversy?

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Saddle Bag Kit a.k.a. Breakdown Rescue Stuff

What’s in your saddle bag kit?
The variety of saddle bags and tools to fill them with are abundant, and that’s putting it mildly.  The problem is, most of us put tools in there without ever really thinking about what we truly need.  We lug around stuff we don’t need, or worse, the wrong tools.  Even worse than that is tools that don’t hold up (maybe that was the reason the CO2 inflator was in the clearance bin for $0.99?). Continue reading Saddle Bag Kit a.k.a. Breakdown Rescue Stuff

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Journey to the Ironman… Misery Loves Company

My journey does not start with the day I set out to complete an Ironman 70.3.  Rather, I think it starts with all of the reasons I would NEVER train for, nor complete an Ironman. Do you see this picture?  It was taken while I was in high school.  Besides it proving that my sense of style has always been spot on, it shows just how deep and long my dislike of water has run.  If given the choice between being wet or dry, I choose dry every time. Continue reading Journey to the Ironman… Misery Loves Company

Posted on The Founders, The Fire, & The Future

Roughly four short years ago Daniel and Kati began the journey of creating an online bike shop aimed to give Military members a hometown bike shop, even when they aren’t in their hometown.

When moving to a new area, having a hobby while in the military gives an avenue to meet new people. However, it’s not always easy to find GOOD places to purchase equipment for that hobby. Cycling is definitely a hobby that has not made it to the online world just yet, or even to most cities where bases Continue reading The Founders, The Fire, & The Future